About Shala

Shala Kilmer is a highly regarded Intuition Teacher, Coach and Mentor.  For over 25 years she has been offering innovative skills and tools to her students.  Shala is sought after for her effective teaching style as well as her humor and down to earth manner.  She continues to attract people from all walks of life in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She works closely with spirit to design unique class content to meet and mentor every student at their own level. Classes taught include intuition skill building, mediumship, channeling, and past life mastery.  Students graduate from these classes excited to use their abilities for themselves, friends, or often as professional readers and teachers.

She has been conducting individual readings since 1986.   Clients comment on the wisdom and clarity her readings offer, as well as the specific guidance to help master difficult situations.

For many years she has conducted Past Life sessions to help people understand why they are either blessed or blocked in areas such as love, relationships, money, and health.  Shala helps people remove the karmic obstructions that impede their success. This increases one’s happiness and success as he or she no longer has to struggle with karmic obstructions.

Brian Weiss’s knowledge as a past life regression specialist was absorbed by Shala through his books and live group sessions. She explored her own past lives with the help of Rev. Beverly Burdick Carey’s mentoring and Dorothy Rohrbach’s sessions that both examined past lives and removed blocks.

Shala received her training in intuition, channeling, and mediumship through local Spiritualist churches and spent over fifteen years doing platform mediumship during Spiritualist church services.  She also received Mediumship Training at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England.

Shala’s spiritual path has been strongly influenced by the writings of Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopkra, as well as by The Course In Miracles, and the I AM Discourses.

Shala’s background in art and education makes her a natural, creative and engaging teacher and workshop facilitator.  She has shared her expertise in the media, appearing in print and on television, and spent several years writing a monthly column for BodyMind Spirit magazine and hosting her own radio show.

Due to client demand, Shala’s latest project is developing intensive, immersive retreats in beautiful locations around the world.  These exclusive retreats give participants the opportunity to learn directly from Shala.  They learn to use powerful skills and tools as well as how they can apply them to real life situations.

Shala is passionate about assisting her students and clients to use their intuitive gifts and tools to live their best life.   She looks forward to welcoming you personally at a class, workshop or retreat.

TELEVISION  AND RADIO SHOW:     Shala hosted radio shows from 2010 through 2012.

Past Broadcasts:  You can access past radio shows by clicking on the show link below.

Click here to listen to Intuition Path Radio Talk Show

How to reach Shala:  Phone: 702-280-8854;  Email:  shalakilmer@gmail.com