Business Intuition – Thriving in this Economy

How is your company doing?  Are you using all the resources available, including intuition, to help it thrive? Intuition is an essential component for business success.  In this depressed economy it’s important than ever that you play the intuition card.  Every possible resource needs to be considered and genuine intuitive […] Read more »

What’s Your Intuition IQ?

IQ TESTS—WHAT DO THEY MEASURE? Left-Brain Tests Are the Norm Traditionally IQ tests, such as the Stanford-Binet, measure intelligence within a certain range.  This type of test assesses one’sleft-brain intellectual ability compared to that of others of a similar age and developmental level.   This type of IQ test includes […] Read more »

What is a Psychic? by Intuition Path

If you have ever been to a psychic, you would have been given cool information about the future and/or about things that are going on in your life or in your past.  And that sure covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it? Maybe you have a checkered past, as I […] Read more »

What is a Medium? By Intuition Path

Honey, you don’t have to be confused any longer about the difference between a medium and a psychic.  Shala is here to help you out. Some folks are mediums, period.  Others are psychics, period.  And then there’s the person who wants to do it all and calls herself a psychic […] Read more »

Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space is powerful act that will bring tangible results in your life. Many folks naturally create a Sacred Space without giving it much thought. It just feels like the right thing to do. Some refer to their Sacred Space as an altar, which indeed it is. It is […] Read more »

Grounding and Boundaries

It is so important to stay grounded in the here and now. Many people who are exploring the spiritual path and their psychic self are ungrounded. They enjoy being kind of “out there,” rather than living in the moment. The spiritual world becomes much more fascinating than the physical world. […] Read more »

You Are a Miracle!

You do not need to look around you to find miracles; just take a good look at yourself! You are peering out of the eyes of miraculous you right now. You are a perfect part of God and, having created you, God would be incomplete without you.  You are brilliant, […] Read more »