Business Intuition – Thriving in this Economy

How is your company doing?  Are you using all the resources available, including intuition, to help it thrive?

Intuition is an essential component for business success.  In this depressed economy it’s important than ever that you play the intuition card.  Every possible resource needs to be considered and genuine intuitive information is dead on accurate.  Companies that use employees’ gut feelings and minds’ eye, along with accumulated knowledge and experience are the ones that thrive in a depressed economy.

A successful business person is intuitive.  It isn’t a choice.  It’s a given.  Whether the business you are involved in consists of one person or thousands, intuition is a vital ingredient for achievement.

While book knowledge, education, and experience are essential, intuition also helps guide the most talented employers and employees.  Poor decisions are made when one follows a business model based on what has worked in the past while ignoring intuitive impressions.

Whose intuition guides a business?  Maybe it’s the boss who is guiding a thriving enterprise or perhaps the right people have been hired to keep it on a steady, prosperous course.  However, it may be the administrative assistant who is most intuitive.  Spotting the most intuitive people and using their intuition is part of a formula for success.  It would be a shame to waste these resources merely because that person or those individuals do not ordinarily have a powerful say in business decisions.


If the company is floundering it is important to brainstorm and allow the suggestions and opinions of everyone to emerge because it may be the secretary who usually has to follows an order that has the direct intuitive information to help the business recover and thrive.

Whether struggling or thriving, thought, the bottom line will be better if intuitive information is sought out and considered.

Brainstorming is a good tool for bringing out intuition.  Everyone’s input is gathered and recorded right on the spot.  This is an easy technique for thinking outside the box, the box being a limited notion of how things must be done.  Novel ideas come out because everyone is given permission to add ideas, even if the ideas seem pretty outrageous.  From this messy soup of possibilities, ideas emerge which will help grow the business.

Are you more inclined to be an entrepreneur than an employee?  If you are currently unemployed or desire to start your own business, your intuition can help guide you to the right business, timing, location, vendors, employees, and everything else.

Notice the subtle (or not so subtle) impressions you receive regarding something you are considering doing.  While the focus of this article is business, everything turns out better if you follow your true intuition.  Next month’s article will give you some tips on how to notice and foster  your intuition.

What’s Your Intuition IQ?


Left-Brain Tests Are the Norm

Traditionally IQ tests, such as the Stanford-Binet, measure intelligence within a certain range.  This type of test assesses one’sleft-brain intellectual ability compared to that of others of a similar age and developmental level.   This type of IQ test includes the ability to comprehend ideas, perceive relationships, solve some kinds of problems, and think logically.

What About the Right Brain?

Exactly!  When will traditional IQ tests include measures of the right brain?  It’s the more powerful half of the brain.  The right brain processes in an entirely different way than the left:

  • It is not logical or linear.
  • It goes from A to Z, from question to answer, in a moment.
  • It isn’t based on education or experience.

Who Are the Most Gifted Right-Brainers?

It’s not a matter of race, creed, or education.  Right brain intelligence is not connected to any of that.  It is available to anyone at any time, whether they have had traditional education and upbringing or have never been in a classroom, and whether they score high or low on a traditional IQ test.

 Really?  Scoring Low on IQ Test Doesn’t Factor In To Intuitive Intelligence?

One who scores low or average on a standardized IQ test could be an intuitive/creative standout.  In fact, often the highly cognitive and well-educated person has a hard time trusting their right brain.  In many cases it is as though the left-brain intellect traps its host with information and ideas based on the past. It doesn’t have solutions or ideas that are out-of-the-box new and innovative.

Best Way to Make Decisions Is…

Use both sides of your brain; weigh the facts, your knowledge and experience.  This is the left-brain intelligence.

  • The right brain is easiest to access when you are relaxed; maybe you’re driving, running, meditating, showering, or gardening when intuitive hits come to you.
  • If there is a discrepancy between what you get from the two parts of your brain, the right brain rules.  If it’s really intuition, it is never wrong.

It’s a joy to add right brain processing to the usual left-brain way of making decisions.  And you just can’t go wrong if you are add right-brain information to the decision making process.

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Intuition and spirituality Rock! My intuition saves my bacon every day. I would love to be your very own intuition teacher. If you’re interested in developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Michigan Psychic, and Intuition Training and Classes page: You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person in Beverly Hills, Michigan, or by Skyping in.

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Deceased Loved Ones: Mediums and Living Proof – by Intuition Path

Searching For Dead Folks
People just love proof that their spirit loved ones are still around. While some get messages directly from their beloved relative or friend, most folks don’t seem to be able to do that on their own. Many people aren’t sure that it’s possible to make contact with the deceased at all.

A good medium can be consulted to help by making contact with the deceased. The medium’s job is to prove that the spirit person is really around and wants to make contact. The perfect message from the deceased loved one would include a description of the deceased and a message from them. I find it to be a real bummer if a medium describes a deceased person for me and then says something like, “She wants you to know she’s with you.”

What??? That’s the Only Message?
When I teach Mediumship I train class members to not only give good evidence, but to bring a meaningful message. Often all the medium has to do is take a little time to dig deeper. Their intuition is strong enough for them to get more details than “He says hi.”

Oh Yeah? Prove It!
Verifiable details about the deceased person thrill their loved ones. Anyone can learn to tap in and get details about the deceased and give personal messages.

Proving Contact With a Deceased Loved One
The details that the spirit person brings to the medium can var considerably. Some of the following descriptors can be helpful
• Age at death:
• Relationship to recipient
• Quick or slow death
• Body build
• Height and weight
• Hair and eye color
• Type of clothing worn
• Familiar expressions used by the deceased
• Occupation while on earth
• First name, last name, or initials
• Description of personality

Details That Comfort the Living
• Proof that life goes on by giving evidence—especially satisfying for those who believe their spirit loved one is gone forever.
• A meaningful message: absolutely essential.

What Makes a Good Medium?
Those who already communicate with someone they loved, such as a deceased mother, make very good mediums. People who have conversations with angels or guides would also find it easy to become accurate mediums.
It’s not just innate ability that causes someone to be a clear medium. It takes someone who has an interest in providing this type of service for others. Passion for the work goes a long way to creating a successful medium. Spiritual development and a lot of practice are also necessary in order for excellent work.

It’s enjoyable and even fascinating to be able to talk to the dead! Whether you choose to talk to the deceased yourself, go to a medium, or learn to be a great medium yourself, you will find mediumship to be a rewarding addition to your life.

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Intuition and spirituality Rock! My intuition saves my bacon every day. I would love to be your very own intuition teacher. If you’re interested in developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Michigan Psychic, and Intuition Training and Classes page: You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person in Beverly Hills, Michigan, or by Skyping in.

What is a Psychic? by Intuition Path

If you have ever been to a psychic, you would have been given cool information about the future and/or about things that are going on in your life or in your past.  And that sure covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it?

Maybe you have a checkered past, as I do.  The past is an interesting part of what a psychic picks up on to bring you prognostications about the future.  Doesn’t that sound awfully intriguing?  Let me be more specific, though, about what they do.

Yeah, Tell Me More!

         Just as each of us is awesomely unique, so are psychics.  They have a wide range of skills.  Some do it all and some specialize.

  • Some psychics are very skilled at relationship information. They can nail what is happening between you and your partner, tell you why it’s happening, and what steps you might consider taking in regard to it.  I hope you and your main squeeze are doing just great, but that’s not the time you’d go to a psychic and ask about the situation, is it?
  • Psychics can be especially good at helping with business concerns.  I’ve noticed that psychics who have owned businesses develop good intuition in
  • this arena.  So if you’re considering entering into a new business or need some insight about your present one, this kind of psychic would be a blessing.  You could be thinking of going into business with a friend or family member, yet find yourself with nagging uncomfortable feelings.  What’s up with that?  A good business-oriented psychic will probably confirm your suspicions that something doesn’t feel right and help you keep out of a difficult business partnership.
  • How about reading the future, say for the next year?  Some of these people specialize in this.
  • Past life readings can be fabulous.  So if a psychic advertising this ability, that would be a good choice if you have curiosity about your past lives.  Maybe your controlling boss was your autocratic father in a previous life!
  • Health issues can be a specialty, too.  Among those who are good at addressing health are the people who have are or have been in the health profession.  This would include nutritionists, nurses, chiropractors and the like.
  • Potpourri-ists—some psychics can give you just about any kind of information you need.  They are always a solid choice because chances are you have questions about various things.

Want to Give it a Try?

Good psychics are worth getting to know.  You might want to use your own powerful impulses to find one that is right for you.

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 To learn more about developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Michigan Psychic, and Intuition Training and Classes page:  You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.


What is a Medium? By Intuition Path

Honey, you don’t have to be confused any longer about the difference between a medium and a psychic.  Shala is here to help you out.

Some folks are mediums, period.  Others are psychics, period.  And then there’s the person who wants to do it all and calls herself a psychic medium.  But one thing at a time, Bunky!  Today we’re going to cogitate on mediums.  It’s fun to be a medium and lots of fun to go to one who’s good at it.

Wikipedia’s Take on the Word

A medium is defined by Wikipedia as a person who claims to be an intermediary between the physical world and the spiritual world.  Heck, this means that everyone who makes contact with spirits of the dead, angels, or other immaterial entities is a medium, right?  I agree with this broad definition, but it’s not the one that’s used so often these days.

Spiritualism’s Big A** Influence

Since Spiritualism was hatched in the mid-nineteenth century, mediums are usually defined as those who give messages from deceased loved ones. They do not claim to be psychics and do not give messages about the future.  They don’t give information about your boyfriend or your sucky job.  They communicate with the deceased only.

Lots of people became mediums, with the primary objective of proving that the deceased survive after death. In this tradition, the evidence of survival of the dead is all-important—more important than the message the deceased entity might bring forward.

Personally, I’m bummed out when I get a message from a medium if it’s all describe, describe, describe with no message at the end.  I feel shortchanged!  But that’s maybe just me.

Seriously, Life Does Go On After Death

Mediums attempt to prove life goes on for the Doubting Thomas types of the world, at least the ones who aren’t too freaked out to even go to a medium.  The spirit person, as the English mediums call the deceased, is described to his living loved ones in a way that establishes that, Holy Cow, the deceased loved one is really there.  It’s very cool when the medium does this in a way that knocks your socks off.  And the proof sometimes does.   Here are some ways the spirit person can be described:

OMG, He’s Really Here! Validating Descriptions

This is where the rubber hits the road.  The mediums say things that prove the spirit person is on the scene.  Here are some ways the deceased person is described:

  • Height, weight, hair color and other physical characteristics.
  • His likes and dislikes: did she hate blue jeans and love donuts?
  • Personality: was he a happy guy or more of a buzz kill?
  • Favorite possessions; did she have a doll collection or a favorite blankie?
  • Age at death—and watch out for those spirit folks who show themselves when they looked their most fabulous.  Sometimes they’ll appear to be in their 30s but actually they died in their 80s.  Big difference!  But, what the heck, they should be able to show themselves at any age they desire.  It’s up to the medium to figure out if that’s the age of death.
  • Memories he shares with his living loved one—did they love to waltz together or is he apologizing for being obnoxious?
  • His name or the first initial of his name—some mediums are really good at this.  But if a name isn’t given, other details can offer plenty of proof to make you happy.

These are among the many ways that a good medium can prove the ongoing existence of the deceased, and it can be very healing and comforting.  Give a medium a try yourself or learn how to become a medium by taking one of my awesome mediumship classes.

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 To learn more about developing yourintuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Michigan Psychic, and Intuition Training and Classes page:  You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.




Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space is powerful act that will bring tangible results in your life. Many folks naturally create a Sacred Space without giving it much thought. It just feels like the right thing to do.

Some refer to their Sacred Space as an altar, which indeed it is. It is a place away from the busiest parts of your home. It can be set up in a special low-traffic room if you have one. Or it can be created in a corner of a room.

The Sacred Space is where one goes to pray, meditate, write, or tune in their intuitive and psychic selves.

Objects Commonly Used in Sacred Spaces

Every Sacred Space is different just as every person is unique. The objects used by one person aren’t necessary those that would work for someone else.

In general terms, though, many of these spaces contain some of the following items:

• Candles
• Incense
• Pictures and statues of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Saints
• Crystals and stones
• Herbs for smudging and other uses
• Tarot cards, Angel cards, Runes, and the like for tapping into one’s intuitive and psychic self
• A special cloth on which to place the objects
• A prayer list
The Feeling of the Space

When you enter this sacred area, you could be quickly transported to a grounded, calm, and focused state. When you are feeling out of sorts, going into the Sacred Space could be the best remedy for how you feel. It could be akin to entering a quiet place of worship such as a church or temple.

A Boundary for Your Sacred Space

This space should have a different, quieter feeling than the rest of the house. If you have a separate room, you can say a special prayer to invoke purity or holiness upon entering the room. As you leave, say another prayer with the intention of closing the space.

If instead you have a corner of a room to utilize, you can create a boundary by saying prayers as noted above to open and close the area. Using this corner for nothing other than your sacred work will also help keep it special.

I highly recommend creating this type of space and using it to get intuitive answers to your questions and for writing down messages from the spirit world.

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To learn more about developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Psychic and Intuition Training and Classes page: You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.

Grounding and Boundaries

It is so important to stay grounded in the here and now. Many people who are exploring the spiritual path and their psychic self are ungrounded. They enjoy being kind of “out there,” rather than living in the moment. The spiritual world becomes much more fascinating than the physical world. People who are developing spiritually tend to want to hang out in that energy rather than dealing with the challenges of physical life.

You Can Have it All

It is possible to be both spiritual and grounded and it is important to learn to do so. To have a good experience of connecting to the other side of life, it is important to have proper protection through establishing boundaries.

In my twenty some years of teaching Psychic Development, Intuitive Development and Channeling classes, I’ve found that as people open up to their psychic self, reaching out for intuitive and psychic hits, they become more accessible to all kinds of unseen beings. Those who are naturally more grounded and have established strong boundaries are not affected much by spirits who would come to them uninvited.

It’s important to ground oneself and establish a boundary so spirits that are not of the light cannot enter your aura or body. Here are some tips for you to help you keep good boundaries with the spirit side of life.

Start Your Day Right

I recommend you do your grounding and boundary establishing before you get out of bed in the morning. That way it will become a habit and put you in a good place for the entire day.


• Close your eyes and sit comfortably.
• Feel your body, clothing, the floor, and your resting spot.
• Breathe deeply from your belly and get relaxed.
• Imagine you are attaching your feet and tailbone to the crystalline center of the earth.
• Breathe in the pure earthy energy.

After grounding yourself, set up your boundaries to protect yourself from unwanted energies.

Establishing Boundaries and Psychic Protection

• Ask your Higher Self to heal and seal your auric egg.
• Surround yourself with three concentric bubbles of light, the edge of which transmutes everything that is not unconditional love into unconditional love. That means that anything coming toward you or from you are transmuted at the edge of the bubbles of light in which you are encased.
• Ask Archangel Michael to put his wings of protection around you, all the way down to the center of the earth.

That’s it. This protects people as they develop their spirituality and psychic self. The day is off to an excellent start!

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To learn more about developing your intuitive and psychic abilities, check out our Intuition Training page: You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.

You Are a Miracle!

You do not need to look around you to find miracles; just take a good look at yourself! You are peering out of the eyes of miraculous you right now. You are a perfect part of God and, having created you, God would be incomplete without you.  You are brilliant, loving, psychic—you are made of God stuff.

Einstein on Miracles

Einstein said that you could live life as if nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle. It starts with you. When you get a glimpse of who you are, you will want another and another look at your beautiful Self.

Take a Deeper Look at Yourself

The more you look at yourself from this higher perspective, the more you will love yourself. You will start to make choices that are higher and better for yourself—choices which will automatically be best for everyone else because they are made from a position of love.  Your spiritual self and your psychic self work together to help you see yourself as the lovely spirit presence you are under all the human characteristics.

Bless and cherish yourself. Believe in yourself. Affirm yourself. It is not selfish to love yourself in this way. You are not putting yourself above others. Rather, because you are learning to see yourself as a miraculous, wondrous spirit, you will be able to see all other people the same way.

You are the microcosm of the macrocosm. You are part of everything and everything is part of you. Everything you think, feel, or do influences everyone and everything else. Because we are all one, seeing you from a higher perspective lifts up everyone else.

News Flash: You Are Not Judged by God

For eons of time people have been told they are sinful, insufficient creatures. They have been told that they need to do certain things such as confess their faults to an intermediary, attend such and such church to be saved, go through various baptisms, cleansings, confessions, or sacrifices in order to be worthy of salvation.

There is no need for all this. All you have to do is to realize you are already a perfect being on your path home. God does not judge you or condemn you. You are not expected to follow certain practices in order to get to heaven. Just live your life the best you can. That is enough. God loves you and you will live with God eternally.

Thanks for me, God, is a beautiful prayer to God from miraculous, amazing you.

For more information about developing your intuitive abilities, check out our Psychic and Intuition Training page You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.

Psychic Development: Picking Up On Subtle Messages

If you are ready to develop your psychic abilities to a higher level, it is important to pay attention to all the information that comes your way. Some of the signals from your psychic self will be subtle, especially in the early days of developing them.

Pay Attention: the Information is Fleeting

Apprehend the quiet messages that come in an instant. That’s really how rapidly the information can come in and leave. While you will get some messages that stay awhile and give you the opportunity to examine them in detail, some data will come in so swiftly you could miss it. The psychic information can come in various ways, depending on how you can most easily access it.

How Subtle Messages Show Up

Some people see a picture for a moment in their mind’s eye. Others get a quick thought or actual words. Some get a sudden good or bad feeling while others have moment of knowing. So often these messages are ignored or second-guessed, especially because they come and leave to quickly.

Raw Data

Try not to interpret what you get. Just write down exactly what you experienced or say the words out loud if they are for someone else.

Do not elaborate, label, or categorize these impressions. Do not assume anything; just use the original, raw data. Your attempts to pin something down can sully the meaning. The logical left-brain might add a lot of distorted images or other invalid information.  Let the information be based on what you got from tapping in to your right-brain psychic abilities.

Getting in the Psychic Groove

The best times to receive the quiet messages from your psychic self are when you are relaxed. This happens for people when they are in the shower, driving, or engaging in a quiet activity such as gardening or vacuuming.

You can create times for your psychic self to be heard as well. You create a sort of silence. This involves going to a quiet place, turning off the phone, and taking deep belly breaths or meditating. Both deep breathing and meditation calm the left-brain down so the psychic/creative/intuitive right brain can be heard.

If you are alone when you do this, write down the impressions you received, especially the subtle ones. Put your writing away for a day and you will probably notice that what you jotted down is different from how you usually think.

The activity of noticing quiet, subtle messages can be a lot of fun and you can pick up so much that you would otherwise just plain miss.

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To learn more about developing your psychic abilities, check out our Psychic Development and Training page You can attend Shala’s trainings and classes in person or by Skyping in.

Asking Clear Questions of Your Psychic Self

If you would like to get psychic information for yourself or someone else, a good, clear question is essential. With a clear question you will receive a clear answer, but if your question is vague or confusing, the answer will be unsatisfactory.

You can do this! You can become a skilled psychic. As you learn to use and trust your intuition, you can use it to help friends or for the public. If you have a question about something, if it is worded clearly, you will be ahead of the game. when doing a reading.

Bummer Questions

In ancient Greece, a powerful ruler was preparing to invade another kingdom. He asked The Oracle of Delphi whether a great battle was about to be won. The Oracle replied that was true. The Oracle was absolutely correct; a great battle was won, but by the opponant.  Had the ruler understood the importance of asking a clear, unambiguous question, he probably would have chosen not to engage in a losing battle.

If you were to ask your psychic self, “Will it be sunny tomorrow,”  that is not a clear question.  It will be sunny somewhere.  If you ask, “Should I take a new job,” this needs more definition.  What are the parameters for a good job?  Do you want a job mainly for job security or insurance?  Do you want a job wherein you have more leisure time or can work from home?

If you asked, “Should I find a new job and should I move out of the state,” that is a two-part question as well as being unclear in each half of the question.

Formulating a Clear Question

The question inquiring whether it would be sunny tomorrow could be made clear by asking if it would be sunny where you live tomorrow.  You could further define the amount of sun; chances are you don’t mean that if the sun comes out for a half hour you will be satisfied.

A clear job question might be “Would it be for my highest and best good to find another job at this time?”  If the answer from your psychic self is Yes, further questions would be needed to define whether it would be best to look within a wider region than your state, for example.  You might be thinking about changing careers and could ask clear questions regarding whether to pursue another line or work or to get specific training to secure that type of job.

If you have asked a two-part question, divide it into two questions and ask them one at a time.

For more information about developing your psychic abilities, check out our Psychic Training page for Psychic Classes and Training in Michigan.