Can I Trust My Intuition?

Your intuition is always available and won’t fail you.  It always tells the truth and won’t let you down.  The challenge is that most people ignore it and rely on what comes from their logical, left-brain instead.

I have often   heard from people who said they got an intuitive message but second guessed it.  The message didn’t seem logical.  They didn’t trust it.  So they went ahead and did something contrary to the intuitive information.

This can be something like not paying attention when you have a feeling that the lunchmeat you are about to eat has gone bad.

Maybe you get a feeling or a thought that tells you to get off the highway and take an exit instead.  You ignore it and get caught in a traffic jam.

Maybe you have a feeling that your company shouldn’t hire a particular individual despite her professional appearance and sterling resume, but you hire her anyway because you really need someone in a particular position or because you discount your gut feelings.  And she’s passive-aggressive or takes loads of time off or causes aggravation in various ways and it takes years to pry her out of the position.

Perhaps you have tried to make contact with your beloved grandfather and you don’t trust that you really felt his presence, smelled his pipe tobacco, or heard a few encouraging words..

Not listening to your intuition can have huge consequences, like knowing as you walk down the aisle to get married that you shouldn’t be getting married at all because it’s not going to work.  I know that backing out of a marriage can be hard, especially at the last minute, even if you know it’s not the right thing.  But you probably knew it wasn’t right long before the wedding day.

People have often told me that when they ignored their intuitive impulses, they regretted it.  I have never had someone say to me that they were glad they ignored it.

To develop trust in your intuition, it is important to pay attention to what you think might be messages from your intuition.  Remember those impressions and the best way to do that is to write them down in a notebook or journal.  Keep the notebook with you and write down anything that seems to come suddenly, out of the blue when you weren’t thinking about what the intuition seems to be telling you.  Write down any impressions you receive when you ask a question and want an answer from the Universe, Grandma, or an angel.

Leave some space below or to the right of what you wrote so you can comment later.

Did you get some words?  Was there a picture that popped into your mind’s eye?  Did you get a gut feeling about something?  Did you get an instant download or understanding about something?  Did you sense an unseen presence with you?  Did you smell or taste something that wasn’t in the room?

Writing down these impressions will automatically make them more real for you.  You will develop greater trust in your intuition by putting it to the test.  Go back over your notes from time to time and write down the confirming information when it can be confirmed.

For example, if you thought the meat was tainted and ate it anyway, did you get nauseated or have a stomach pain?

Did you hear on the radio that there was a major accident on the highway that you were warned not to take?  Or did you keep driving along and get stuck in traffic?

Did you have a thought about checking your tires but didn’t do it and you had a blowout?  Some of these impressions can be validated either immediately or at a later time.

This exercise is a powerful way of practicing using your intuition.  Because you are keeping a record, you start paying more attention to the information that comes to you without you doing any thinking or action to cause it.

And practice is the key to success in using your intuition.  The more you pay attention to it and practice using it and write it down, the stronger it will grow.

Another good way to trust your intuition is to give someone else a message you think is coming from your intuition for them.  So often they will exclaim that you were right.  This is a technique that works especially well if you are taking a class to develop your intuition and you are practicing using some of the tools and techniques you’ve been given on your loved ones.  I would only practice this on people you know who are open to intuition.  The skeptics aren’t going to give you any reassurance because they are, I think, afraid of the whole idea of intuition.  But as I’ve said, ignoring it is like trying to go through life walking on one leg.

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