Can You Become Your Own Business Psychic?

You might shake your head in amazement over the wonderful abilities of some psychics.  Companies employ them to help select people to hire, to help fine tune advertising campaigns, to add insight to strategic business planning and much more.

These psychics bring through accurate, clear information about things they could not know on their own.  How do they do it?  Do you sometimes wonder if you have that ability yourself?

The good news is that you do.  Just as you were born with hands and feet, you were born with intuitive and psychic abilities.  People have unique ways of receiving intuitive information.  You can learn to identify your own most effective ways of receiving these kinds of messages and then use them to help guide your decision-making.  This makes good sense because if the information is truly intuitive, it is correct.

Intuitive Messages: Many Ways for You to Receive Them

People receive intuitive or psychic information through inner senses that correspond to the outer senses of seeing, hearing, sensing or feeling, tasting and smelling.  They might also receive instant impressions that can be put into words.  These gifts of information have names that begin with clair, which is a French word meaning clear:

Clairvoyance—seeing with the third eye

Clairaudience—hearing with the inner ear

Clairsentience—perceiving with the inner senses

Clairgustance—tasting with the inner taste buds

Clairalience—smelling something that has no physical source

Claircognizance—an insight or body of information that is instantly known in the mind without a logical explanation

Clairempathy—sensing or feeling in one’s own body the disposition, emotion, or ailment of another person, place, or animal

Your Intuition Can Help You Find the Right Career

Careers are often a match for one’s clair abilities.  Visual artists, designers, architects and hairdressers are clairvoyant, seeing pictures inside their mind that they can bring into physical reality.  Writers, composers, and public speakers are often clairaudient and claircognizant.  One who is gifted with clairsentience or clairempathy could be a good healer, therapist, police officer, night watchman, or private eye.  All clair abilities, when recognized and used, help not only with one’s career, but also with personal matters such as relationships, family, health, and finances.

Your Intuitive is Working: Pay Attention

Notice whether you get gut feelings, insights, ah ha moments, inspirations, hunches, visions, or premonitions.  Do things suddenly dawn on you or do you do well flying by the seat of your pants?  Can you sniff out a good or bad deal?  Have you ever smelled something that wasn’t physically based? Do you seem to know when to call someone or when they’ll call you?  Do you get an instant good or bad feeling about someone?  Might you get good ideas when you’re in the shower, out for a walk, or driving somewhere?

Pay attention when something comes to you from out of nowhere.  You might want to keep a journal of the information you receive.  These impressions are your intuition in action and are right on target.

Just practice.  Just as you become a better tennis player or speaker with practice, you can improve your intuition in the same way.  You can also meet with a friend or join a meditation group that focuses on using their intuition.

Yes, you can become your own business (and personal) psychic!  Have fun exploring and developing your awesome abilities.

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