Can I Trust My Intuition?

Your intuition is always available and won’t fail you.  It always tells the truth and won’t let you down.  The challenge is that most people ignore it and rely on what comes from their logical, left-brain instead. I have often   heard from people who said they got an intuitive message […] Read more »

Your Intuition : Ramping It Up

Everyone has intuition.   It is standard equipment just like five fingers per hand, two ears, and one stomach.  What you do with your intuition is the relevant thing.  Are you using your intuition, second guessing it, or ignoring it?  Does your intuition work well for certain things but not so […] Read more »

Can You Become Your Own Business Psychic?

You might shake your head in amazement over the wonderful abilities of some psychics.  Companies employ them to help select people to hire, to help fine tune advertising campaigns, to add insight to strategic business planning and much more. These psychics bring through accurate, clear information about things they could […] Read more »

Trust Your Intuitive Impulses

Ordinarily intuition comes softly and gently. It will not be as loud as your usual thoughts, so keep your senses open to apprehend the quiet, ever-present messages it sends. When people come for a reading, they usually get confirmation from the psychic of what they already felt inside to be […] Read more »

The Amazing Human Lie Detector

Have you ever gotten a bad feeling about something you were planning to do, but went ahead and did it anyway?  I’m willing to bet it didn’t go well. The stories I’ve heard about people not following their feelings—I could write a book.  People have told me they hired someone […] Read more »

Developing Your Intution for Business

If you really want to develop your workplace intuition and can commit yourself to doing so, you will succeed.  The majority of individuals, who recognize their intuitive talent, do not devote time to increasing their skill level to become a clear receiver of high-level intuitive help. Expertise in this field […] Read more »

Your Intuition IQ

Standarized IQ Tests No matter what your score on typical intelligence tests, these instruments measure something other than your intuitive intelligence.  They have little or nothing to do with intuition or creativity.  Rather, they measure one’s left-brain abilities, which are linear and logical. Left-Brainers and Intuition In fact, a high […] Read more »

Meditation at Work : Who knew?

Those who meditate have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.  Individuals who meditate at work enjoy greater productivity and clarity.  They experience better concentration, stronger intuition, and more physical vitality.  There is a reduction in stress, tension, fatigue, and anxiety. The Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard found that meditation […] Read more »

Intuition at Work

Intuition on the job is often undervalued.  Business owners and managers may scoff at intuition because it cannot be measured and quantified, and therefore cannot be real.  Left brain data such as knowledge, experience, and education are important factors for running an effective business.  Yet if intuitive, right brain information […] Read more »

Intuition and Business Success By Shala Kilmer

Using your intuition for business is a sure way to increase your work productivity and effectiveness.  Your intuition coupled with your business knowledge and experience will give you a real advantage.  Ignoring intuition is like attempting to perform your work activities with one hand tied behind your back. The most […] Read more »