Intuition and Business Success By Shala Kilmer

Using your intuition for business is a sure way to increase your work productivity and effectiveness.  Your intuition coupled with your business knowledge and experience will give you a real advantage.  Ignoring intuition is like attempting to perform your work activities with one hand tied behind your back.

The most successful people naturally employ their intuition along with what they already have learned.  Whether the individuals credit their intuition or not, they use it to do their job.  For example, skilled salespeople know what the potential client’s objections are without having to hear them from the prospect.  They are exceptionally good at picking up on or intuiting what to say to convince the customer to buy.  This is one kind of intuitive information that can be utilized.

To foster your own business intuition, practice is the key.  Everything gets better through being performed repeatedly from playing tennis, to dancing, or learning a new language.  When students ask how to improve their intuition, I tell them to practice, practice, practice.

The best times to tap your intuition are those times when your mind is less busy and more relaxed.  The endless activity of the mind is a sure blocker of intuition.  Not only is it noisy and insistent on its way of perceiving things, it cuts the legs off your intuition with its doubt of that type of information.

People report their intuition works well when they are in the shower, driving, about to go to sleep, or just after they awaken because these are times when one is usually more relaxed.  Yoga, meditation, and prayer also calm the busy brain.

Good intuitive information also comes when you are fully engaged in an activity such as manual labor, creating art or music, or participating in an individual sport.  Time flies by unnoticed.  The rational, I-know-the-answer-to-things part of the brain is resting and this allows the intuitive flow to be strong.

No one has ever told me they were glad they disregarded their intuition.  Instead, I’ve often been told that that when they had an intuitive message and ignored the advice they wished they hadn’t.

You might wonder if the impression you receive is really intuition or something else.  If it really is intuition, it is accurate, based on one’s history.  If it is based on ego desires or emotions, it isn’t intuition at all.  If the message you get is based on hopes, suppositions, or personal choices, it is the ego speaking and it is not intuitive.  You simply cannot be intuitive by trying to figure it out.  Intuition relies on allowing and is squelched when you attempt to get it right or to get a certain outcome.

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