Intuition at Work

Intuition on the job is often undervalued.  Business owners and managers may scoff at intuition because it cannot be measured and quantified, and therefore cannot be real.  Left brain data such as knowledge, experience, and education are important factors for running an effective business.  Yet if intuitive, right brain information is omitted from the decision making process, one is working with only half of the needed input.  All new ideas come from the right brain, which provides hunches, gut feelings, pictures, and thoughts that are out of the ordinary.  These new ideas complete the picture so both new and familiar possibilities are considered.

Traditional methods of operation based on known projects, computer printouts, or education may not serve the current needs of customers.  A change in advertising, marketing, products and services may be called for in order for a particular company to have continued success and this means right brain intuitive information is needed.

It makes good business sense to find out which employees are the most intuitive and use their impressions along with other types of information.  Sometimes the most intuitive staff members are unaware of their ability to know things others don’t know by tapping into their gut feelings or inner knowing.  A good brainstorming session would help to ferret out those who are most in touch with their extrasensory talents.

You cannot go wrong using your intuition at work and you can increase your intuitive skill with practice.  Ask yourself if your intuition shows itself in any of these ways:

  1.  Do creative thoughts come suddenly and reveal new ways of looking at something?
  2. Do you just “know” if you chose the right job or attorney?
  3. Do your hunches or gut feelings about things at work prove to be true?
  4. When you meet someone, do you already know if you will get along with each other?
  5. Are you able to speak without preparation and the right words are there?
  6. Do you get a strong impression to do something or go somewhere and it proves to be very important that you did?
  7. Can you sense if someone will be late or not show up for a meeting?
  8. Did you ever feel a strong urge to call someone, and when you called, realized she needed you?
  9. Do you sometimes think of a person and they soon call?
  10. Do you ever know ahead what a person is going to say or do?
  11. Do you just know where to find something that is lost?
  12. Do you often make sound decisions without adequate hard data?
  13. Do you sometimes know when an accident is going to happen?
  14. Are you able to determine ahead whether a meeting will be productive?
  15. Are you able to assemble or repair things without reading the directions?
  16. Do you get sudden bodily sensations that describe how another person is feeling?
  17. Do you know what store will have the thing you need?
  18. Do you know when a potential client will prove to be a productive contact?

Pay attention to thoughts, pictures, and feelings that come instantly from out of the blue.  These impressions are your intuition at work.

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