Meditation at Work : Who knew?

Those who meditate have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.  Individuals who meditate at work enjoy greater productivity and clarity.  They experience better concentration, stronger intuition, and more physical vitality.  There is a reduction in stress, tension, fatigue, and anxiety.

The Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard found that meditation improves qualities businesses need from their employees: heightened intuition, increased brain-wave energy, improved concentration, and even a decrease in the physical aches and pains common to workers.

Here are some of the common responses employees have to adding meditation to their work day:

I Don’t Have Time to Meditate at Work

Yes, you do, because you can have a very relaxing, mind-clearing meditation in a few minutes while sitting at your desk.

I Don’t Know How to Meditate

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.  You don’t have to learn difficult or time-consuming techniques.  There is a super easy meditation technique below.

Why Should I Meditate? 

  • Meditate to reduce stress.  People who meditate experience more happiness and a feeling of success.  This translates to higher morale and greater job satisfaction.
  • Meditate to make better decisions.  When you need to make a decision, it’s important to get away from the mental chatter that usually goes on in your head and find a way to relax.  A quick meditation can quiet the incessant, usually unproductive thoughts that swirl around in your mind and prevent clear thinking.  Meditation is the perfect tool for giving you access to your intuitive right brain, from which all new information comes.
  • Meditate to accomplish more in less time.  You aren’t as effective if you are stressed out and operating with an overload of information spinning around in your brain.  When your mind is calm you get more done.
  • Meditate to be more creative.  Individuals who meditate regularly, getting into a state of calmness, report they are more imaginative and tend to think more outside the box.


You Have a Whole Brain, So Why Not Use It?

For problem solving, you need to use your whole brain, not just half of it.  The rational left brain is necessary but so is the intuitive right brain.  The left brain presents the data.  This can derived from previous similar projects or the education and background of experience of those that are consulted.

Every New Idea or Solution Comes From Your Intuition

Every designer, scientist, artist, inventor, author, or entrepreneur creates something new and by definition uses the intuitive right brain to do so.  Every new idea comes from the intuitive brain rather than from the rational brain.  If the intuitive, creative brain is employed for problem solving, original thoughts will be generated.  Each person with a new idea also has a background of information upon which to bring forth something new and different.

An Effective Meditation in Five Minutes or Less

It’s wonderful to have twenty minutes to meditate, but how realistic is that for most people during the work day?  You can meditate effectively in three to five minutes while you are sitting at your desk.   No one will have to know you are meditating.  You might also consider meditating in your car, outside, or even in the bathroom.

Here is a simple, straight-forward meditation that takes a few minutes: Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed position.  Imagine your feet are planted very deep in the earth and take a few breaths focusing on energy coming into your feet from the earth.  Envision a tube that goes from the top of your head to God or the Absolute Being or the Source of love, peace, and wisdom.  Use whatever concept you have of an infinite, loving intelligence.  Focus on this tube and breathe in from the source you chose.  Try breathing in peace.  Breathe in the feeling of peace with each breath, drawing the breaths from your belly rather than your chest.  If you notice you are thinking about other things, just go back to focusing on the tube over your head and breathe in peace again.  You might like to try breathing in the feeling of love, joy, or a phrase such as “All is well.”

After a few minutes, go back to work.  Notice how you are feeling as you resume work.  You will probably feel calmer, more relaxed and refreshed.

This meditation exercise can be performed as often as you want to reduce stress and gain clarity, either at work or at home.  It is never a time waster.

Feel free to share with me what you experience using this type of meditation.

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