Shala’s Retreats



“I was surprised by my own abilities. I love Shala’s teaching style. It’s not intimidating at all. She knows how to tailor for and encourage each person. Plus it was just fun overall.”

–Jodi Zayas

“My intuition was heightened with new techniques on the Retreat. I was delighted with the pet communication and found myself talking to all animals.”

–Ellen Spratt

“I think the confirmation part is so valuable. Some people recognize that they have gifts, but if they are not around like-minded people to confirm their abilities, they might not pursue them. I enjoy the confirmation from others that what I said (using my intuition) applies to what’s going on in their life and helps them resolve issues.”

— Kathie O’Brien

“A really fun experience. I learned a lot about how to communicate with my pets, wild animals, and my intuition in general.”

–Brynn Zayas

“My favorite part was the hugs when I left. It’s the comradeship of being with kindred spirits. It was a lot of fun and laughs.”

–Tim Hildebrandt

“I enjoyed being with like-minded people, the oldies and the newbies. I loved seeing them bloom. The animal channeling was cool.”

–Rose Rattee

“The weekend gave me a community of people where I felt as if I belonged and also the confidence to be bold and start my own practice.”

Kimberly Taylor

“I liked the variety of intuitive skills we worked on and the blend of levels of experience. I could see what’s possible with the beginning and advanced channelers. I liked the mix of people, too.”

–Jennifer Sperber

Shala’s Webinars

Hi, Shala.  Loved your call the other night.”  

–Myra Johnson

Shala’s Teaching

I owe my skills in channeling, psychic communication, and much more to Shala Kilmer! Shala was my first teacher, at the start of my metaphysical exploration. I’ve taken countless classes with her over the past 20 years and they’ve always been great. She offered safe and fun ways to explore the esoteric and try out various ways of connecting with your intuition and with Spirit. She was a schoolteacher for a number of years before teaching metaphysical topics, so she brings that sensibility to her classes and workshops of how people learn best. Everyone benefits from her mix of practical lecture, hands-on experience, sharing thru discussion, and homework. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I continue to learn from her!

—Amy Garber

I would highly recommend Shala to anyone looking to improve, explore and help themselves. She is an amazing intuitive and teacher. Shala helped me so much with just one reading-the best I have ever had! I plan to work with her especially in helping me with business questions on an ongoing basis. I have friends that have taken her classes and they love learning from Shala. What a very special, kind and truly gifted person she is.

–Sue Jarvis

When I seek a teacher I want someone who is highly connected to the other side and Shala is.  She is extremely intuitive and conducts her classes with a high degree of integrity and thoughtfulness–and she’s a lot of fun.  Shala demonstrates a loving connection with each student while perfectly supporting them at their level.  Shala’s classes have enhanced my own spiritual journey on many levels.  I am grateful to her and highly recommend her classes.

–Susan Meadows

(Shala’s classes) changed my life.  I changed how I perceived myself and others.  You don’t look at negative things, you look more at the positive things.  I want to keep learning more so that eventually I can do this for a living.

–Karen W.

Shala is an excellent teacher, very sensitive to the needs of her students. In every class it is exciting to find that I can do things I didn’t feel I could before I started. As a (fellow) teacher, I know a good one when I see and hear it.

–Laura Lee Tower

Shala Kilmer has the wonderful ability to make learning fun. I always leave class wanting to learn more. I recommend Shala’s classes to anyone wanting to expand their intuitive development and channeling knowledge. Her classes are a great treat.

–Evelyn Scafuri

I’ve taken Shala’s channeling classes and find her to be not only professional, down-to-earth, and fun, but also very honest and compassionate.  Shala guides her students in a safe and logical manner through the basics of channeling.  She also encourages them to learn as much as possible about the topic, making them aware of the responsibilities involved.  I would highly recommend Shala as a teacher.  She is the best channeling teacher I have found.

–Rev. Lisa Bousson

Shala’s Advanced Psychic Development class was amazing!  I learned so much through practicing during class.  I feel I’m now ready to start doing readings professionally.  Shala’s an amazingle  teacher and all of her classes are invaluable to psychic development.

–Kat Jiminez

Being in one of Shala’s classes is life changing. Not only do you learn about the subject, you also learn about you as a person.  When you ask questions Shala answers with knowledge and love,she is truly an amazing teacher.  And the homework is fun!

–Ellen Spratt


I loved it!  I think I advanced in my channeling, not only expecting more of myself but channeling quite a bit better than before.

Rose Rattee

I always channeled angels before; Shala challenged me and now I know I have the ability to channel anyone I want—angels, masters, guides, etc.  This class has enabled me to channel in front of others.

—Michelle Sprinkle

I really enjoyed the sense of fun she (Shala) is bringing to classes and getting everyone to loosen up and have more joy, which raises the vibration.

—Kathie O’Brien

(The class) increased my confidence; I could go deeper into channeling.  I did some open-eyed channeling for the first time.  I like channeling for strangers (during the final class).  It was a good challenge.

—Karin Kirschke Ross

I gained a lot of confidence in my channeling and got direct feedback from different people.  I learned how it felt different depending on the type of spirit channeled.  For example, a Native American is more grounded than an angel.  I had a lot of fun in class.

—Shannon Durkin

I felt more confidence and liked reading for new people at the library.

—Karen Wyckoff

I definitely got over not trusting myself.  Practice is very important!  I loved channeling for other people.

—Brita M.

Shala’s Readings

In the late 1990’s I was given a Spiritual Reading by Shala Kilmer and the following took place.

I was having a recurring dream of a Paperboy who lived down the street from me when I was a boy.  When I was 15 years old boy, on 15-July-1976, Ronald Gondek and his friend Thomas Berkowski died at Cheery Hill Rd. and Telegraph Rd. in Dearborn in an Automobile Accident.  This recurring dream is where Ronald was in this Dark Crypt and every time he tried to speak to me the shrieking would come out of his mouth when he opened it and I could not make it out.  I contacted Shala and arranged to meet with her.  Shala had answered some questions regarding Jesus that the Immaculate Conception wanted me to know.  I never told Shala about these questions I had about Jesus, but she had answered them as to why Jesus appeared to me in my dreams.  That he has a special job in life for me.  Shala asked me if I wanted to release Ronald from where he was, I said; Yes, of couse, he was always a real calm, cool collected and very nice person.  I could not see why not.  So me and Shala said some prayers after she lit a Candle.  I looked down to my left and saw Ronald going into Heaven on what appeared to be a Staircase that was surrounded and inside clouds.  Shala asked me if I was seeing something, I replied I don’t know I think I do.  I did not conjure this up in my mind.  It was just there and wonderful to.  Fter the session, I asked Shala why Ronald was there so long in that dark gloomy place.  Shala told me, but I do not want to put it in writing.

I will never forget my 7 Dreams of Christ, some I had after the Spiritual Reading and never forget Ronald, who was always kind to me and my Mother especially when he came to collect for the Detroit Free Press where him and Tom delivered around 130 Homes every morning before they went to School.

Ronald and Tom both were friends in life and when they crossed over to the other side together.

With Sincere Regard—Craig K. Pearson

Working with Shala and her beloved guides is insightful, loving, and an enormous boost to my career as clear and concise information guides me through the changes and growth of my business.  I have been surprised and delighted at the direction my career is taking as Shala inspires, with divine guidance, the ways I could proceed to grow as an intuitive person and musician businesswoman. Absolutely run, don’t walk, to get her marvelous readings.

—Christina Dragone

Shala’s assessment of people’s personalities is right on the money, which has allowed me to have more clarity in my business partnerships.  I wouldn’t think of making an important business decision without consulting her guidance.

—Tonya H.

Wow!  Shala’s accuracy in seeing and understanding truths is amazing.  Confirming with Shala is a must before making business decisions.  Speaking with her has allowed me to discover the truth about my current situation and the causes of my hardships. That along with looking into the future has helped me get through some of the most difficult times of my life. I am grateful and blessed to have Shala in my life.

—Vera Sinanaj

I find the accuracy of Shala’s information keeps me moving forward inmy career and love relationship. She keeps me on track to meet the goals I am striving to achieve such as increased sales, better relationships with clients, and the development of new opportunities.

—Kim Beck

Shala has helped me tremendously along my life path. Each session I have had with her has not only given me incredible insight into my life and its lessons, she is also extremely comforting, compassionate and knowledgeable. What Shala offers is unique and powerful, and she has given me many tools to use when coping with my life’s lessons. She helps me to understand the bigger picture and connect with Spirit in a way that feels natural and whole. Thanks you, Shala, for all that you have given me. You truly are a blessing in my life.

—Melanie Jones