The Amazing Human Lie Detector

Have you ever gotten a bad feeling about something you were planning to do, but went ahead and did it anyway?  I’m willing to bet it didn’t go well.

The stories I’ve heard about people not following their feelings—I could write a book.  People have told me they hired someone because they were in a bind, going against the bad feeling they had about the person, and the hire proved to be a disaster.  Several individuals have talked about how bad they felt as they walked down the aisle to get married.  They knew ahead of time, way before the wedding day, that the marriage wasn’t going to work.  People have gone into partnerships sensing that things wouldn’t work out the way they wanted and, guess what, they were absolutely right.

On the other hand, I’ve heard of people following their positive feelings about a person, partnership, or opportunity with marvelous results.  Recently I talked to a woman who, after a tough marriage was turned off to dating again.  She wanted no part in a romantic situation and didn’t even look at men.  Against her will and to her great consternation she spotted her boss’s boss and said to herself “I want to marry him.”  This went against what she planned to do with her life, including ministry in a church.  She fought her feelings but with her mother’s encouragement wrote him a letter.  Less than two months later they were married and have recently celebrated their twenty-second anniversary.

Another woman spotted a policeman from her office window and just knew this was man who was to be her husband.  So she freshened up her makeup and went down to the street to meet the man she later married.

These are big things, right?  But our feelings guide us every day to help make decisions on the small things as well as the large ones.

People come to me seeking psychic/spiritual advice about going into a business partnership.  At times I get a bad feeling about the situation and feel that the business arrangements will not work out well.  Often the client is seeking a second opinion from me because she/he feels uncomfortable about the situation.

One of the most common reasons women go to a psychic is to get advice on the workability of their current relationship.  While the success of the relationship is subject to changes in the individuals, there can be a lot of red flags indicating major problems.  The partner could be unavailable physically, legally, or emotionally, not treating the woman well, or giving other signals that indicate he’s just not that into her.  If the woman already felt comfortable with the relationship she wouldn’t ask a psychic to help her see the situation clearly.

It’s useful to pay attention to your body’s intuitive signals.  These “good” or “bad” feelings can absolutely be trusted, especially when you’re calm and relaxed.  All you have to do is be alert to what your body is trying to tell you.

If you are about to make a decision and you get an uncomfortable feeling, instead of soldiering on and disregarding those sensations, stop and reconsider.  It is not a good idea to go into action.  What isn’t quite right here?  You might be missing or ignoring some important information that could affect your choice.  You won’t go wrong by waiting and finding out why you’re feeling uneasy.

Many have learned to trust their gut feeling, but often a disturbance will show up in the heart, throat, or as a tightness in and around the eyes.  It can be a feeling of tightness or fuzziness in the head or a pain in the neck or lower back.  Sometimes the whole body has a chill of uneasiness.  See which part of your body communicates the most clearly.

Let’s say you are considering taking a particular class.  Hold the flier or name of the activity to your heart.  How does the heart feel about it?  Your heart might feel happy and positive, neutral, or uncomfortable in response to the class.  If your heart feels great about the class, it would be a more positive experience than if the heart registered a neutral or negative response.

You can hold a book or business card up to your heart to see what response you get.  Alternatively, you can place a question, flier, or business card on your solar plexus, gut, throat, third eye or another part of your head.  See where you feel the most response from your body.  Some get a tight throat as a negative response when they focus on their throat.

For the most dangerous situations, the body sometimes communicates very strongly so you can’t miss feeling it.  You might get a very bad feeling about going down a particular road, to a particular party, or out on a particular date.  Ignoring these impulses is foolhardy.

Your body is a wonderful intuitive friend.  It cannot lie and you won’t be able to force it to give your false information.

I hope you remember to check in with your body about the important matters of your life.  You will become skilled at using your body intuition the same as you gain expertise in everything else—by practicing.

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