Trust Your Intuitive Impulses

Ordinarily intuition comes softly and gently. It will not be as loud as your usual thoughts, so keep your senses open to apprehend the quiet, ever-present messages it sends. When people come for a reading, they usually get confirmation from the psychic of what they already felt inside to be the truth. The truth is right inside you to be revealed or ignored.

You might find it useful to keep a notebook of impressions you get before logic sets in and second-guesses your intuitive impulses. For example, you might pull some meat out of the refrigerator and have a quick thought that it isn’t safe to eat any longer. Let’s say you ignore that thought and eat the meat anyway, ending up with food poisoning. That could be a good motivator to pay better attention to your intuition.

Or maybe you decide to use a financial planner to help you invest your money. You don’t feel totally comfortable about investing through a certain person who is a friend of a friend, yet what she says sounds sort of convincing and you go ahead and work through her, making investments based on her recommendations. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that you could have done a lot better elsewhere.

If you feel totally comfortable with a person or situation you are probably in for a good run. If instead you have nagging little thoughts or impressions that everything would be OK if only something or another would change, write those thoughts down. Sooner or later you will understand the importance and accuracy of those impressions.

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