Your Intuition IQ

Standarized IQ Tests

No matter what your score on typical intelligence tests, these instruments measure something other than your intuitive intelligence.  They have little or nothing to do with intuition or creativity.  Rather, they measure one’s left-brain abilities, which are linear and logical.

Left-Brainers and Intuition

In fact, a high score on a standardized test such as the Stanford-Binet may be a sign that you are going to have more of a struggle believing in your intuition.  As an intuition teacher, I see the doubt the logical left-brain brings to the party.   It’s hard for the left-brain type to trust what their intuition is telling them.

However, trust is probably the biggest key to accessing intuition.   The stronger you are with your logical left-brain, the harder it is for you to have confidence in the impulses from the right brain.  The more highly educated you are, the more you will have come to rely on the left-brain as the determiner of truth.  If something can’t be proven, it is incorrect or at least extremely suspect.  This is the scientific and “correct” approach we typically use as a standard in our western world.

The Left Brain is No Wallflower

The left-brain thinks loudly.  It shouts.  It second guesses and dismisses the intuitive information, which is usually broadcasting on a quieter frequency.

One’s intuition is playing in the background, as sure as there is night and day.  It’s everyone’s choice whether or not they will pay attention to it.  Here are some differences between left- and right-brain IQs:

Left Brainer Traits and Careers

The left-brain is logical and linear.  It does things in the correct order and knows what that order is.  One with a strong left-brain usually does well with reading, writing, and mathematics.  These subjects have rules and the left brainers loves rules.  They have a hard time seeing the final result until they’ve gone through all the intermediate steps that lead to a completed goal.

Typical left-brain oriented careers include science, accounting, and law.  These are jobs with well-defined rules.  The rules provide a stable base for left brain-oriented individuals.

Dislike of change is another characteristic of left-brain people.  They are more likely to think things were just fine the way they were so why upset the apple cart?  They seldom propose innovative, creative ideas.  If they do, they probably got it from a right brain individual.  When the new idea has been formulated, they can do a great job with implementation of it; that’s part of their genius.  Left- and right-brainers can work together very nicely and need each other’s help to bring cool new stuff to the world.

Right Brainer Traits

The right brainers don’t need any time at all to get information.  They leap from A (the question), to Z (the solution) in a nanosecond.  Their data is not based on education or experience.  These things matter, of course, but the right brain considers that type of input as only one possibility.  They see the overall picture rapidly and don’t see a reason to go through a bunch of unnecessary steps.

They may already have leapt to a new idea as their mouth is talking about the previous thought.  So they can seem scattered as they quickly process information and come up with new thoughts spontaneously.

The best careers for right brain folks involve creativity: they do well as artists, musicians, athletes, sales people, dancers, and entrepreneurs.

Intuitive information is highly suspect to the left brainers of the world.  Intuition comes from…well, who the heck knows? would be the reasoning of a logical, left brain thinker.

Best Case Scenario

Relax!  You probably access both sides of your brain nicely.  Most people are not extremely left-or right-brained.  They can blend the intelligence of both sides of the brain as needed to make sure they are using their whole brain.

If I had to choose one side of the brain only, I bet you know which side that would be.  I’d go with the intuitive, right brain.  Because if it’s intuition it is always correct!

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