Your Intuition : Ramping It Up

Everyone has intuition.   It is standard equipment just like five fingers per hand, two ears, and one stomach.  What you do with your intuition is the relevant thing.  Are you using your intuition, second guessing it, or ignoring it?  Does your intuition work well for certain things but not so well in other instances?

Whatever your intuitive experience is like at this time, it can improve tremendously. It’s a matter of learning techniques and practicing.  Practice is important with anything you try, such as tennis, golf, drawing, writing, or dancing.  It is the same way with your intuition.  Those who practice using their intuition and practice and practice, are the ones whose intuition grows by leaps and bounds.

How Intuition Shows Itself

Intuitive messages are usually received  through sight, hearing, or feeling.  These gifts are called clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  You may get your intuitive impressions most easily through one of these channels, although the information can come through two or all three intuitive senses.

Getting Started

  • Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted and turn off the phone.
  • Have a paper and pen available.
  • Imagine putting your feet deep into the earth and also connecting upward to an unlimited source of knowledge.
  • Spend a few minutes taking deep breaths or meditate if you prefer.

Now you are ready to try a specific exercise.

A Question for Your Intuition

Follow the Getting Started procedure. Ask for the expanded consciousness of your intuition to communicate with you.  Write down a question and sit quietly with an open mind.  As an answer, you might see a picture in your mind’s eye, get thoughts, or get a feeling in your body.  This can be very subtle, especially at first.

Pay close attention to anything that comes to you.  Otherwise you could see a color and dismiss it as nothing significant.  Clairvoyant people often see colors with their third eye before they receive thoughts or bodily feelings.  If you see a color in your mind, that color might have a special meaning for you.  Otherwise, you can Google “meaning of colors” or something similar and you will get insight into what was being communicated.  You might also get a symbol, which is a picture to interpret.  Often the meaning is clear and needs no further interpretation.

If  you get thoughts, rather than doubting them, write them down to look at later.  This is using the gift of clairaudience.  I always say this process should be more like diarrhea than constipation.  In other words, write down all your thoughts rather than editing them.

If you tend to be clairsentient, you may get a feeling in your body to answer the question.  For example, a light, happy feeling would be a positive response to your question and a heavy or uncomfortable feeling would be a negative response.

You might alternatively get a combination of impressions that includes images, thoughts, and feelings.   Write everything you get down and look at it the next day.  You might be surprised at what your intuition has revealed to you.

Should you follow the intuitive messages?  It is never a mistake to follow your intuition, if it’s really your intuition.  People often say their intuition warned them about something and a situation would have worked out better if they had listened instead of ignoring the message.   Write down all your impressions, whether you think they are intuitive or from your left, rational brain.  You will get clear on which impressions are intuitive with practice.

Have fun and contact me if you have any questions.

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